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 Shirley Knapp
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As I sit here and reflect upon White Eagle's quote and my life over the past few months it brings new meaning to my recent experiences. I share this soul test now as I promised I would to help support others on this journey.

The reason I share this has to do with the fact that it can happen to anyone of us in our new global community. As we have all begun to travel more globally and import more food, we are also sharing many new diseases, which are being called the “21st century diseases.”

My journey began this summer after discovering that I had an acute case of intestinal parasites, which I had been hosting for over seven years after traveling to Africa. Parasites are called “The Silent Killers,” as they do just that.
Their main objective is to live in your body and hide where they have access to the most food, which is in the intestines, colon and brain. They slowly deteriorate the organs they reside in. I learned that there are over 800 species of parasites and 70% of them are microscopic and so can’t be seen with the naked eye. In my case, over time they imitated the symptoms of menopause, which I had been faithfully accepting as part of the “Change.”

Following diagnosis, which can be uncertain because the medical community doesn't always test for parasites, the other difficulty is in the detoxification of the parasites. You can only detox them slowly because if you kill them too fast, you become more poisoned yourself as they die. The first person on my healing journey told me that I would have to take six weeks off my life to rest and detox. I immediately said “I can’t do that, I am a single, self-employed mom with a daughter in college!” She told me that if I didn’t do this it could be fatal. And so the detox process, which ended up taking months instead of weeks, slowly began.

The faith test went deeper as I slowly went into the fog of detoxing. I bless my family and friends who had the patience to watch me struggle for my life as I felt I was doing battle on all levels of my existence. There were some moments when I wasn’t sure who would win. I now have more compassion for the clients who come to me feeling their lives are hopeless. I felt attacked on all levels and didn’t have the physical strength to fight back. I trusted my spiritual guidance and received a new level of faith.

I continue to bless my experience, and this I know was the most important thing to do to finally release it.

I chose the route of both Western and holistic healing as these critters reproduce at rapid speeds, and while you eliminate the first generation, the next one comes along.

I have focused my teachings on “Transforming Fear into Self Empowerment,” finding that anything fearful in your life is indeed parasitical and is taking the top off your creative energy force. It is important to change the fear and make lemonade out of the lemons, to get out of the fear and rise above it where we can see the bigger picture, the Higher Plan, and know that we are indeed Loved and Cared For.  I am in the process of doing this and will continue to do so. I am coming out of the other side of the fog and looking at my life from a different, stronger perspective, and helping others who are in the same place that I was.

I am passing the soul test of what the old Vermonters call “Tough Sleddin!” 

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Shirley Knapp, U.S.A. Shirley Knapp is an internationally recognized spiritual teacher and author of "Sustaining Joy" who leads groups in personal growth. She has been in a holistic private practice, teaching and embracing individuals and groups since 1986. Shirley’s mission is to heal, love and serve the world by transforming ourselves and helping others transform in joy. Browse our web site for other products with this focus in mind.

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An Article by Shirley Knapp

“Every soul has to withstand great pressure and to be well tested. Supposing the Master called upon you to do an important piece of work, which was going to involve many souls; and supposing you had not been tested and proved?"  ~ White Eagle

Ed.Note: This is Shirley's story of surviving parasites. They invaded and ravaged her body over the course of 7 years. Parasites can be fatal, and indeed a fellow traveler who contracted the parasites along with Shirley on the same trip passed over around the time Shirley was finally diagnosed. Her detoxification and organ restoration required 2 years. 4 1/2 years after diagnosis, with her strength and energy returned, her body is still on its journey to full recovery.

Shirley first wrote this story in December 2003, still in the midst of detoxing, and yet already emerging from that seemingly endless tunnel which was her soul test.