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(Excerpt from a workshop in Maui)

Welcome. You need to know that this information, which is being brought to you, will be shared, and to those who will open to it, it will bring great Joy and Truth. The Truth for each and all of you is much more than you could ever know or have the understanding of.

You are about to travel into another dimension of time, one without time and space; another dimension of reality that is going to feel a bit of the unknown. As we have shared with you in the past, you are going to grow to love the unknown instead of fearing it. This love for the unknown will bring great adventure, much as the adventure you are beginning today. This is for all of you to embark upon, reminding you always to expect the unexpected on all levels.

The whales work with you closest now. The dolphins have brought you the essence of Play and Joy and Love. The whales bring to you now information of times and days of the past. You are on the energy of this old Lemurian vibration which is bringing to you the understandings and the reality of what is, and what yet again will be.

We speak to you this day of what is. We speak to you on a vibration of cellular healing, a healing that can transfer and transpose to the essence of thought. For those of you who are studying healing and approaching the essence of healing on all levels, you must remember that thought is the quickest healing process that there is. When you tune into a higher frequency, it is of pure light. There is in essence nothing between that can’t transfer and transform as quickly as thought. The human body is, indeed, very important to work upon on the physical plane, but through thought patterns, you can create miracles.

We wish to remind you of the importance of self-healing. Our energies and intentions are to bring you ways of guidance or thoughts to remind you of things that you already know.

Each of your Higher Selves does hold the energy of the All. It’s just a matter of tapping into it, remembering it, dusting it off, perhaps; but you have all that you need to heal this planet and heal the self. You must hold that in the highest good, for in the days to come, there will be great change, great shifting, great transformation. But as always, change brings opportunity, so look to the sun with the energy of opportunity. Look toward each day with the essence of change. Be grateful that things are changing. Because if they didn’t change as quickly as they are, you would be most confused, because you are working in the energy of this new consciousness.

You will laugh at fear.

Time will seem like it is speeding up. Days will seem shorter, awareness quicker, connections faster. Everything has been moved up in its frequency level. No, you are not making this up. Time is growing shorter—man-made time—because your frequency level has been lifted up. You are moving faster toward the Light; but you will always be given what you need. You will never be given more than you can handle. You must remember this.

Whatever is in the way will be removed quickly. You may, indeed, first translate this to the individual life—that whatever is in the way of your true essence of Joy will be released and removed quickly. If you do not need it, it will be released. If you do not hang on to it, it will move even quicker. If you do, indeed, attempt to hang on to it, it will still be released, only with a bit more time between; but we can tell you it will be released.

It is the creative force of timelessness now that works within each of your cellular patterns and memories. This timelessness is being released and brought to you in this form of new consciousness so that you will feel as if nothing that you know feels the same, and it is moving very quickly out and about. You can vibrationally see it and feel it washing into the sea. Much as the lava flows and takes the force of anything that is in the way, whatever is in the way of your true essence of Joy will be released and washed into the sea to create new earth or new energies of movement within you.

This is, indeed, a time none of you have experienced in the past. The essence of all that was and has been is now. With help and support from the Brothers and Sisters of Light, we will take you higher and higher and higher. You can go as far as you, indeed, choose to travel. We do understand if you need to stop and take a break, even as though you were hiking upon the top of one of those beautiful mountains that we speak from today. You would need to stop and take a break and breathe and look about you to see the distance that you have traveled. We know that this will occur, and this is an important time for integration and assimilation, because the world that you are embarking upon now will be very different from your own, but yet so old and familiar, too, to those of you who wish to remember.

Do not dismay if there are those who do not wish to remember, for they will travel other paths. Know that if you have been drawn to this information, you will, indeed, be open to the presence of this adventure in the unknown.

This is a time of great mystery and yet a time to remember that which was. It is where the old and new meet and become yet another vibrational force. As the old is being released, there will not be the fear of the new; it will only be like taking a joyful adventure into the reawakening in your beings from all levels of deep transformation.

We are here to support you in this time and transformation, because even as you do transform, we do also continue to rise into the etheric worlds. As we can go hand-in-hand in travel, we all lift up in a consciousness of one or all.

You are not separate. We are all vibrationally connected on all levels. There is nothing to separate any of you, or you from us. For those of you who do wish to indeed travel upon other dimensions of time and space, you will notice quickly how bulky the energy of fear will begin to feel. In most of you, fear may feel like an old friend at times, but it will begin to feel like an old friend that you no longer wish to continue to associate with; a bit like an old friend, perhaps, that you need to move separately from. Fear will begin to feel like this on all levels, for you will recognize it as only fear.

You will laugh at fear, for it will make you joyful that you have moved beyond that place in time. It will feel so small, just as you are, upon the top of this mountain. You will look down, and it will feel like a small creature crawling along the grassy floor, having a place somehow, yet so distant.

Your ancient memories now are being re-encoded for you to once again remember what was and is. Remember the Love; remember the Passion for self and all life; remember the Truth.

Becoming a Frequent Flyer (spreading your wings) Exercise

For some of us, the only time we become quiet enough to receive insights and higher learning is when we are asleep. Dreams open the door to the subconscious mind, providing us with useful information about our daily lives, assisting in problem solving, and bringing us insights. Flying dreams, in particular, allow us to travel into other dimensions in time-space (and save on air fare). Since dreams speak to us in symbols, we may not always get their message right away. Recurring dreams will continue until we receive the message that particular dream is bringing us. Dream interpretation is very much like solving a riddle. It becomes lots of fun and easier when you begin to recognize your own personal symbols. For this exercise, ask the Universe to send you a dream message. Ask to remember the dream upon awakening, then honor the dream and its message by recording the dream in a separate dream journal.

● Record everything you remember about your dream. Do not at this time try to interpret it or judge its validity. Simply record all your impressions (colors, feelings, people, places, objects).

● Record dream symbols. What do you suppose they represent? (Betty Bethards’ The Dream Book, which contains over 1,600 dream symbols, is a wonderful resource.)

● What do you think your dream is trying to tell you? Does your intuitive self agree with this interpretation?

● What sort of dream do you think this was: problem-solving, recurring, prophetic, precognitive, teaching, other?

I Surrender (letting to) Exercise

Whenever you feel overwhelmed by circumstances in your life, simply turn your palms up to the heavens and say, “If this is the place for me to be, bless it and be here, and if not, bless it and be there, wherever ‘there’ may be.” For a shortened version, you can say, “Whatever be, be.” Say it out loud; say it often. “Let be” especially when you become aware that you are trying to control things that are really beyond your control or you are trying to force a particular outcome. This exercise is more powerful than you can ever know. For in turning your palms up to the heavens, not only are you surrendering to a higher power, but you are also opening yourself up to receiving all that the Universe has been waiting to bring you.

● What outcomes have you been trying to control or force in your life?

● What are you afraid might happen if you do surrender?

● How did it feel to surrender control? What happened as a result?

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Through (transformed) thought patterns, you can create miracles. Come to experience joy in the adventure of the unknown. And come to laugh at fear. Go as far as you wish on the journey into the new consciousness.

With exercises on dream analysis, for insight and higher learning, and on surrendering to open to what the Universe has been waiting to bring you.